My work is enriched through labor-intensive textile processes, with a strong focus on embroidery and loom-based hand weaving techniques.  The work begets more work, one thing leads to the next. I revel in the twisted fixation of one textile process mimicking another and creating a meta-textile. I embrace the flexible grid of cloth and construct it with ecstatic color, asserting an embodied experience in relation to high abstraction. In this spirit of joyous excess, I create textiles which appeal to both the haptic and the optic.

I have been meditating on the tensions of line, stripe, and pattern as elements of design, but also as distinct signifiers of otherness within several Western cultures.  I harness the pure energy of the stripe, containing its limitless potential within my chosen patterns and textures. The resulting cloth becomes objects that reference elements of Modernist design, historical textiles, and domestic environments. Plaid and pile merge to construct identity.   The trope of the lesbian flannel shirt, mixed with the hair of a gendered body, are complicated by the comfort and rigidity of home.  

Kira Keck is an Artist-Weaver currently based in Columbus, OH.  Oscillating between joyous excess and tight control, their work concerns the tactile and optic experiences of textiles as related to queer pleasure and philosophy. In 2016 they earned a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and was awarded a Windgate Fellowship administered through The Center for Craft,Creativity, & Design. They have been an artist-in-resident for Fabric of Life in Shelburne Falls, MA and at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity and Workers in Long Beach, CA. 


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